Simulation, identification, and control

In Thursday, 31st of August 2017, me and other students had a first meeting of Advance Flight Dynamics class, which is held by Prof. Hari Muhammad and Dr. Yazdi Ibrahim Jenie. Actually it was Dr. Yazdi who gave us an introduction and an insight about flight dynamics class. He told us what's the difference between flight dynamics and advance flight dynamics; linear and non linear equation; and which activities called a simulation, identification, or control. In this post, i wanna share a little bit interesting point i got about identification, simulation, and control.

A dynamic system can be modelled a system which has input, process, and output (I-P-O system). This kind of system can be used as a tool to get an understanding of the universe (hopefully this is not excessive). When we have a physical thing, we cannot precisely state the behavior. All we can do is predict its behavior. Usually in science mathematical mode is used to define the prediction.

If the mathematical model of the physical thing has never been exist, maybe it is the right time to identify it. We can identify the system behavior by giving it input and collect the output data. The relation between input and output is analyzed using kind of techniques, and the result is a mathematical model of the system. This is what we call an identification.

When we already have a mathematical model of dynamic system with a predefined input, and we want to know how the system responding the input, this is what we call a simulation.

In another case, we have the mathematical model, and we want to drive the system to a desired output by getting information about the required input, this is what we call a control. 

So, by right now we have a definition of identification, simulation, and control. These are the understanding of mine after the first meeting. If there are mistakes, please give a comment below. Hopefully there are benefits for you who read this.
Thank you for reading my write.
Best regards, Farizmamad