Learning How to Learn? 

Last saturday i went to KMPN's Academic Division seminar, which i curious the most, "Learning How to Learn.

I remember when Arif, the chief of Academic Division, told me that we learn because we want to know, not for the grade. I think it's true for some case.

The speaker in LHTL seminar is Mr. Ujang Purnama (Pharmacy ITB 2011) who won the Ganesha Prize 2015. Such a prestigious award for ITB students.

What i found the most in Mr. Ujang's lecture was the high level of confidence in his mind. He feel bad when he think he is in a comfort zone. He wants to achieve every good achievement. He makes himself as an open-minded guy, he said.

Thank you for the seminar. May goodness be with you Academic Division KMPN ITB and Mr. Ujang.

*Mr. Ujang

*my SOYUZ squad in Learning How to Learn seminar